niels cosman


Field Line Chandelier
Blown Glass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, 30"x30"x16"

This chandelier is diagrammatic of the Earth's Magnetosphere. This powerful magnetic field that surrounds the earth and extends far into space is generated by currents of liquid metal at the earth's core. The various sizes and densities of the glass rings correspond to different regions and field densities of the magnetosphere. The inner most rings are representative of the region in which the northern lights, Aurora Borealis, occurs.

The glass rings of the chandelier are made entirely by hand in a process true to the traditions of Venetian glass blowing. The hub of the chandeliers are constructed from machined aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

The chandeliers are designed specifically to be flat-packable and to assemble without tools. While it may look complex, assembly and disassembly of the light takes less than 15 minutes.