niels cosman


CMYK Cabinet
White Ash and Glass 34"x18"x34"

This cabinet is a playful take on the ubiquitous Shaker-style. This low-cabinet stays true to the shaker style with its whole-number proportions, robust joinery and humble woods. However, I doubt my version would fly in the eye of a shaker purist.

The boards have been re-sawn and bookmatched from a single large board, creating symmetrical figure and grain that runs continuously around the carcase. The no-frill dovetail joinery is taken to another extreme with three tails evenly spaced on one edge creating a striking detail and bulletproof joint. The sliding glass doors borrow a motif common to rustic farm-style furniture where chicken-wire was used in place of glass. This cabinet features highly decorative doors composed of two hundred hand-cut and kiln-fused glass hexagons representing the entire color gamut of CMYK.

This cabinet can be outfitted with three styles of rear panels depending on budget or location in a room. These options include: solid wood, hand-rolled clear glass, or CMYK patterned glass.

The lumber for this cabinet comes from locally sourced domestic hardwoods. During the entire process, every effort is made to conserve material. As a result, all boards are chosen to yield the greatest number of parts for the least amount of waste and are milled as efficiently as possible using hand tools. The majority of waste is processed into the dowels, pegs, and wedges used in furniture construction. Any remaining waste is processed and used in the production of the Acorn Pods and BB Rattles