niels cosman

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Baum Chair
Black walnut 30"x18"x20"

This chair was made in reponse to several observations delving in the world of woodworking. It borrows most directly from two styles which are both well documented and prolifically reproduced— Windsor-Style chairs and the furniture of late great Sam Maloof. While it is constructed within the definition of a Windsor-Style chair, having all elements anchored through the seat, the joinery is destinctly Maloof, constructed with dowels and pegs and seamless shaped joints. The resulting chair is something of a homage to the past, firmly anchored in the future.

The lumber for this chair, and all my furniture, comes from locally-sourced domestic hardwoods. During the entire process, every effort is made to conserve material. As a result, all boards are chosen to yield the greatest number of parts for the least amount of waste and are milled as efficienly as possible using hand tools. The majority of waste is processed into the dowels, pegs, and wedges used for construction. Any remaning waste is incorporated in the production of the Acorn Pods.